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Welcome to our site!  We are happy to see that you have shown interest in survival skills, top quality survival gear, and ammunition.  There are hundreds of products to choose from in our store. 

If you are thirsty for survival knowledge then you will definitely want to check out our Blog, we are constantly adding new posts.  Our topics include, general survival skills, fire starting, water purification, cold weather, ammo and more. 

In addition to the store we offer Paracord products such as bracelets, dog collars, and lanyards.  If you are interested in bracelets we will need to know your wrist size.  We recommend only one color bracelets because it will give you  one solid piece of cord when unraveled.  Average length of bracelets is 1 foot per inch.  An 8-inch bracelet will provide approximately 8-feet of paracord.

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